Sirius xm radio
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  • Alguien sabe que les pasa a las siri? Han estado funcionando muy bien pero llevan unos días bastante mal.
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  • For the week, Sirius is down 8% to a price of $1.68 on 215 million shares traded. On Tuesday it reported outstanding Q3 earnings results, one of the strongest quarters that the company has seen in its history. The stock however showed little life, if any at all. Sirius beat analysts’ estimates by earning 2 cents per share, its revenue rose 6.3% to $762.6 million from $717.5 million. Including the recognition of deferred subscriber revenue. The company posted adjusted revenue of $764.8 million, which was up from an adjusted $722.5 million from the quarter a year ago.
    Some investors wonder if Sirius is cursed.
    I don’t believe in curses, but Sirius has shown to be very unfortunate after reporting great earnings and/or announcing favorable news during poor market climates. These have resulted in the “ehhhhh” reaction that the stock price has produced upon the announcements when one would expect a positive reaction. But investors should not get comfortable with the “lovable losers” attitude. Let’s leave that for the Chicago Cubs.
    Sirius is improving on all metrics and the market is beginning to take notice even though it is not yet reflected in the stock price. On Wednesday it was reported that Maxim Group maintains a 'Buy' on Sirius XM Radio, with a price target of $2.50, citing the companies better than expected earnings results. This comes on the heels of S&P’s credit rating increase citing the company’s ability to sustain its revenue growth. To Sirius investors, keep your heads up.
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